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Best Autotune Plugins to Enhance Your Vocals

 Nowadays, the dream of almost everyone has come true with the help of autotune. If your voice is not good enough and it stops you from achieving your goal of being a singer, autotune may come to your rescue. It has made a significant change in the lives of singers. Just in a natural voice and apply an autotune effect to your vocals. The list below has been prepared to help you pick the best autotune plugins that will help you sound perfect even if you are not good at singing. Autotune has earned numerous accolades for being one of the best vocal effects. Let’s have a look at the best autotune plugins.

Waves OVox

If you are looking for a great autotune plug-in to make your vocals sound incredible, Waves OVox may be good for you. It comes with options to apply EQ to vocals along with the autotune effect. You can change the pitch of vocals according to your preferences. It lets you add a robotic effect to your voice. In order to harmonize your vocals, you can choose the desired scale. Note Mapper lets you make changes to chords and scales. This autotune plug-in is not just limited to this much; there is a lot to discover. The more you say about Waves OVox, the less it is. It has many other effects such as Distortion, Reverb, and Delay. If you are on the hunt for a great autotune plug-in to enhance your vocals, you must try it out.

Antares Auto-Tune Pro

Antares is regarded as the father of autotune effect. Antares introduced the world to this great vocal effect decades ago. It is nowadays used in a number of pop songs all over the world. Antares Auto-Tune Pro comes with some good features. You can apply Modulation to your vocals if you want to add a robotic tone to your vocals. Humanize is a great feature that lets you decrease the intensity of effect so that your voice sounds more natural, like a human’s voice. If you want to edit voice more precisely, you can use a MIDI keyboard for this. You can set a specific key for a particular part of the vocals via the MIDI keyboard. If you are looking for a reliable autotune plug-in in order to enhance your vocals, Antares is really worth paying for. Antares Auto-Tune Pro sells for $399.


Melodyne is an excellent autotune plug-in on the list. What makes it the choice of others is its easy-to-use interface. You can edit notes with the help of this great autotune plug-in and add a melodious tone to your vocals. It comes with all the relevant features that professional sound engineers need. Melodyne lets you change the pitch and harmonize vocals. For accurate tuning, you can edit each note separately. This plug-in does an excellent job of harmonizing vocals. If you are in the search for a good autotune plug-in, you can go for Melodyne.

Logic Pro’s Flex Pitch

Logic Pro’s Flex Pitch is a great autotune plugin that is available on Logic Pro. Similar to all the autotune plug-ins above, it lets you change the pitch, notes, and harmonize vocals. The best thing about Logic Pro’s Flex Pitch is, it displays the note of each part of vocals so that it becomes easy for you to edit vocals. You can adjust other effects as per your choice. It lets you add an electronic feel to your vocals. If you are a Logic user and want a good autotune plug-in, go nowhere but find this stock plug-in on Logic Pro.

The plugins mentioned above will help you improve the monophonic instruments and off-pitch vocals quickly and effectively.

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Best Apps to Add Music to Videos for Android & iOS

 Do you love making videos and editing them? If your answer to the question is “Yes,” you have come to the right place. Those who love editing videos will surely find the list below very helpful. Many video editing apps are out there, but you will hardly find any good app to edit videos. If you have lost hope of getting an excellent app to add music to videos,  there is no need to worry. The list contains all the best apps that will make it easy for you to add music to a video. Let’s have a look at the best apps to add music to videos.

Magisto Video Editor

Magisto Video Editor is a decent Android application to edit videos. It allows you to add your favorite music to a video. You can create a slideshow by combining various photos and add the desired music to it. It offers the features to slow down or speed up your video. It comes with some filter effects that you can apply to your videos in order to make them more attractive. It may be difficult to add music to a video using a computer, so this app may help you a lot. This fantastic video editor requires no skills and is simple enough to use. 


iMovie is a great Android video editing app that lets you add music to your videos. Calling it just a “Simple video Editor” is not justice to this app as it has various effects that can make your video awesome. You can apply effects to your videos and add filters to your videos in order to make them awesome. It lets you speed up and speed down the video to achieve a good effect. iMovie offers attractive themes to add to your videos. It offers various transition effects. You can combine photos to make a slideshow and add music to the slideshow. You can add music to a video by muting the real sound of a video.


InShot is a simple to use video editor for Android users. It lets you add music to videos in the blink of an eye. In addition to it, you can create a slideshow by combining photos together and add music to the slideshow. It comes with the option to add effects. You can adjust volume and trim any unnecessary part of a video using InShot. InShot has its own sound library, which contains a good collection of music. You can choose any sound from the library and add it to your video. InShot is widely appreciated by Android users. You can download it on Google Play Store.

Perfect Video, Movie Maker

This video editing app is really how its name suggests. It is truly a perfect video maker. You can add music to your videos with the help of this fantastic video editing app or add animations to your videos so that they grab viewers’ eyeballs. The user interface of the app looks professional.  It comes with a layering option and blending mode too. You can adjust Contrast, Brightness, and Saturation. The thing that makes it stand out from other video editing apps is, it comes with a Chroma-key option. You can replace the green background and add the desired one in your videos.


The list of the best apps to add music to the video was prepared with users’ needs in mind. The final choice may vary from person to person. All the apps mentioned above are great and widely appreciated. You can choose the one that meets your requirements.

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The Best EQ Plugins in 2020

 A good music producer or the sound engineer can understand the value of an EQ plugin. An EQ plugin does a lot to improve vocal quality and adds clarity to vocals. It enhances not just vocals but the sound of instruments too. You can use an EQ plug-in to remove harshness from either vocals or the sound of a musical instrument. If you are looking for the best EQ plug-in to add presence and clarity to your track and get rid of unnecessary frequencies, the EQ plugins on the list below will help you get the best results.

Waves Puigtec EQP1A and MEQ5

If you want to add clarity and want to eliminate unwanted frequencies from your vocals, you can choose the great plug-ins. These add smoothness and presence to your track. These plug-ins sound great on vocals. To remove unwanted frequencies, you can boost 20Hz to add presence to vocals. You can add a low shelf boost and try different ways to make a track sound professional. These are professional plug-ins that work really great. These may look old in design but work better than the new ones. Knob controls are great. The plug-ins sell for about $59. If you are serious about the quality of your vocals, you must try them out.

Waves API-560

Waves API-560 is a great EQ plug-in that is highly appreciated in the world of music production. Working with API-560 is simple enough owing to the easy to use interface. If you think that your vocals are not as loud as they should be, API may help you tackle such a problem. It comes with a 10-band equalizer. All works in a different way. In order to remove unwanted hissing from vocals, you can de-ess vocals and add a low shelf cut. If your vocals sound muddy, you may try some other ways.

Red Rock EQ560

If you are one of those bedroom producers who can’t afford so much, Red Rock EQ560 may fit your needs in a perfect way. It adds smoothness to vocals and the sound of instruments and helps you minimize the intensity of hi-hats and snare. Perhaps, you won’t love this plug-in as it is not attractive or as useful as other plug-ins on the list, but the best thing about the plug-in is, it is absolutely free.

Arturia Pre TridA

Most of the sound engineers go for this EQ plug-in just because it is perfect in itself. It lets you adjust the volume and lets you enhance the sound of each instrument in a track. If you have the right gears for recording vocals and instruments, You can put this EQ plug-in to your use to make a track sound more professional. You can boost the mids of instruments such as drums, piano, and other instruments. From removing harshness to removing sibilance, Arturia Pre TridA does an excellent job of equalizing your vocals. A number of professional pop and trap songs have been mixed with the help of this feature-rich plug-in. For stereo mixing, You can pan the instruments and vocals to the left or the right accordingly. It sells for $99. The plugin is your money’s worth.


There are many EQ plugins out there, but the ones that have been listed above work great and will help you get the professional results in mixing and mastering. You can choose the plug-in that suits your pocket and needs.

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AirPlay on Samsung TV: Cast from Your iPhone or Mac

 Watching your favorite movies and shows on the small screen of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac kills the excitement and thrill. If you own an Apple phone and Samsung TV, then it is another challenge to connect them. But not anymore!

With AirPlay 2, you can use your iPhone to easily cast on your Samsung TV, plus a lot more. Apple AirPlay and Airplay 2 allows you to effortlessly cast TV shows, movies, music, or even your photographs directly on to other devices. All you need is a device that supports Apple AirPlay 2 (a lot of them in the market are integrating AirPlay and AirPlay 2 in their devices). Let’s get acquainted with Apple AirPlay and AirPlay 2, plus what they can do and how.

What are Apple AirPlay and AirPlay 2?

Using Apple AirPlay, you can share videos, music, photos, and more from your Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, or Mac, to other devices like Apple TV, smart speaker, or smart TVs, given that you have a Wi-Fi connection.

So how are Apple AirPlay and AirPlay 2 different? Well, AirPlay allows the users to share media between one sender and one receiver device. On the other hand, Apple AirPlay 2 is designed to share media between one sender and multiple receiver devices. The idea behind this innovation was to create a multi-room streaming system. Since most of us these days use multiple smart speakers and devices in our homes. Apple AirPlay 2 allows you to connect to more than one device at the same time.

What Is the Difference Between AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth?

Unlike Bluetooth, AirPlay and AirPlay 2 work through a Wi-Fi connection and also allows you to share video content. Additionally, both AirPlay and AirPlay 2 have a wider range as compared to Bluetooth. 

Difference Between Screen Mirroring and Screen Casting

As the name suggests, screen mirroring displays your phone to a larger screen. On activating this feature, you won’t be able to use another app or check your messages without all of that being shown on the screen you are mirroring to.

On the other hand, screencasting displays only the content that you are sharing on the other screen. With screencasting, you can control a movie from your phone while doing other things without displaying any content other than the video on the screen you are casting to.

How to Use AirPlay on Samsung TV

First, to share content via AirPlay, make sure that your Samsung Smart TV and Apple device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Once that is done, follow the instructions ahead.

From an iPhone or iPad

Step 1: Choose the music or video you wish to share with your screen.

Step 2: Then, tap on the AirPlay icon, which looks like a TV with a small triangle located at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Find and tap on your compatible Samsung TV name, and you should be connected. If you want to adjust any settings, simply swipe down from the screen’s upper edge on your iPhone or iPad to find the control center. Here you will find the options to adjust the volume, play, pause, fast forward, and rewind.

From a Mac

Step 1: Connect your Mac and TV with the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Navigate to the menu bar of your Mac to find the AirPlay status.

Step 3: Find and tap on the name of the TV you want to cast on. And you are done!

Step 4: Whenever you feel like ending the cast, simply click on the AirPlay icon and turn it off.

Wanting to Change the Airplay 2 Settings on Your Samsung TV?

In case you need to adjust the AirPlay 2 settings on your Samsung device, simply go to Settings, select General, and then press Apple AirPlay Settings, where the following options will show up. 

AirPlay: To turn the AirPlay feature on and off

Subtitles and Captioning: In this section, you will be able to turn the subtitles on and off. Plus, you will also have the option to adjust the font, size, and color of the subtitles.

About AirPlay: In this section, you will find the legal information about the software you have installed. Also, you can check if your firmware is updated or not.

Require code: If you want to enter a passcode every time you connect your Apple device, then you can change the settings in this section. If you have children at home, then you will find this feature all the more useful. 

We hope that now your Samsung TV is up and running all the things from your Apple device. We are happy that you can now enjoy your weekend binge-watching the latest content on your large and immersive TV screen.

Ava Williams is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at, and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

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Face Masks and Facial Recognition: How Will They Co-Exist in the Future?

 Looking back at the time, face masks seemed odd whenever you crossed at streets with someone wearing it. Today, it has become as important as any other body part. Not only this, but a lot of countries have regulated the law of wearing a mask at a public place.

While face masks perform their job, have you wondered about using the face recognition technology while wearing it or how will they co-exist? First of all, facial recognition refers to technology identifying a human’s face and characteristics, including the position of your eyes, nose, chin, etc.

Face recognition is mostly used on your phone to unlock the same, as the camera operates to compare your face with the recorded profile. The process is simple, and it instantly unlocks your phone.

As mentioned above, facial recognition calculates the position of your facial features. Anything that seems different will interfere with the process. Many dislike that they have to remove their face mask for facial recognition to unlock their phone. It is annoying, right?

Though the pandemic started in 2020, reports say that the discussions regarding the co-existence of face mask and facial recognition have been going around in the US for the past two years. The US National Institute of Standard and Technology carried a research project to assess facial recognition tech’s performance while wearing a mask. Also, a report was published that the technology suffers 50 percent of the time trying to recognize masked faces. Not only this, but some Algorithms failed even to locate the face when it was covered too much.

Unfortunately, there is no solution to the issue mentioned above; however, NIST addresses the same. One of the US companies is offering a mask with the user’s printed faces to unlock their phone without taking it off. Though, we’ll all agree that it’s not the permanent solution.

It’s not only the coronavirus pandemic that has given rise to face masks, but many people used to wear it to protect them from air pollution. Also, people used masks during the ‘Black lives Matter’ protest to hide their identity from the authorities.

It’s not just now, but face masks will become a huge part in the near future due to a lot of reasons, and facial recognition systems will have to adapt the same. Something must be done about the same.

Undoubtedly, many suppliers are working on its solution that claims to give reliable results, yet there is nothing that could go viral.

Ava Williams is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Mcafee products at

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Pokemon Go: Best Counters for Giratina-Origin

 Giratina Origin is back in Pokemon Go, and fans are so excited to capture it. After the Legendary Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, the Giratina-Origin has arrived in 5-Star Raid Battles. It’s a Dragon/Ghost-type Pokemon, so it will ultimately be weak against many types of Pokemon. In the last few weeks, Niantic introduced several new events that included Fashion Week as well.

Winning over Giratina is not an easy task. The first and the most challenging thing about Giratina is that it’s a Dragon-type Pokemon. Dragon-type Pokemon don’t have many weaknesses. However, Giratina recently started to appear in the 5-Star Raid Battle, so trainers will have enough time to catch Giratina-Origin and its shiny form as well.

Players can use the Raid Battle Pass or Remote Raid Pass to enter into Giratina Raid Battle. Even though Giratina is a tough opponent, it still has its weaknesses. Giratina is weak against Ghost, Fairy, Ice, Dark, and Dragon-type Pokemon. So, you can use many different types of Pokemon to win the Raid Battle.

After the Mega Evolution, trainers are also allowed to use Mega Pokemon in Raid Battle as well. Against Giratina, Mega Houndoom is a great option because it possesses Dark-type moves, and its Mega form will put extreme damage. However, there are still many great options that you can try. So if you don’t have an idea which would be your best lineup, here is the guide. 

Best Counters for Giratina-Origin

Mega Houndoom – After the Mega Evolution update, Mega Houndoom is in great popularity. The normal Houndoom is of Dark/Fire-type, and Mega form is no different. After using Mega Energy and turning Houndoom in Mega Houndoom, its strength and defense increases. When using Mega Houndoom against Giratina, make sure to use Snarl as a Fast move and Foul Play as a Charge move. Both of these moves are Dark-type, and it will put extreme damage on Giratina.

Tyranitar – Tyranitar is a Dark/Rock-type Pokemon that has some incredible strength. Giratina’s attacks won’t affect Tyranitar a lot, and you can use its Dark-type moves for your benefit. While using Tyranitar, make sure to use Bite as a Fast move and Crunch as a Charge move to deal massive damage.

Rayquaza – Rayquaza is one of the most superior Pokemon in the Pokemon world. This Dragon/Flying Pokemon owns Dragon, Flying, and Rock-type moves. However, Dragon-type Pokemon are weak against Dragon-type attacks, so you only need to use Dragon-type moves. When using Rayquaza against Giratina, set Dragon Tail as Fast Move and Outrage as Charge moves to deal with extreme damage.

Palkia – Both Palkia and Giratina are on the same level, and the only thing common between them is they both are Dragon-type Pokemon. Palkia is a Dragon/Water-type Pokemon that has powerful Dragon-type moves. Use Dragon Tail as a Fast move and Draco Meteor as a Charge move.

Salamence – Salamence is a powerful Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon with incredible strength and moves. Salamence also owns powerful Dragon-type moves that can damage Giratina to the highest level. While using Salamence, use Dragon Breath as a Fast move and Draco Meteor as a Charge move.

So, these are the following Pokemon that possess highly powerful Dragon-type moves. However, for the lower level trainers who don’t have the high-level Dragon-type Pokemon, they can use Ice, Ghost Dark, or Fairy-type Pokemon as well.

Decent Counters for Giratina-Origin

  • Glaceon – Frost Breath/Avalanche
  • Houndoom – Snarl/Foul Play
  • Gengar – Hex/Shadow Ball
  • Weavile – Snarl/Avalanche
  • Dragonite – Dragon Breath/Outrage

These are the decent counters for Giratina that can help the lower level trainers in the Raid Battles. Giratina is powerful, so make sure to max CP Pokemon to put maximum damage.

While Raiding on Giratina, make sure to have at least five teammates in the lobby. If all trainers are above level 35, then 3-4 trainers can also do the job. However, the more trainers will be in the lobby, and the easier Raid Battle will be. So, make sure to have a maximum number of trainers in the Raid Battle to increase winning chances.


Undoubtedly, Giratina is among the most powerful and fan-favorite Pokemon. Trainers can use it in Ultra League battles if their Giratina is below 2500CP. Currently, the Boosted Weather Giratina is above 2500CP, so if any trainer wants to have it for Ultra League, they should look for the non-weather boosted Raid Battle. Above 2500CP Giratina can be used in Master League, but it is the toughest League Battle in Pokemon Go.

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How to Install Windows on a Chromebook

 Chrome users love the lightweight operating system of a Chromebook, but it doesn’t take much time for them to realize the need for Windows apps. Chrome users also need Windows 10 for native app support. If you are also looking forward to using Windows on your Chromebook, then stay tuned as in this article, we will tell you how to run Windows on your Chromebook.

Remove the Write Protect Screw

Chromebook comes with a hardware feature to prevent any BIOS modifications. To disable this feature, you need to open the Chromebook and remove the write protection screw on the motherboard. In a few Chromebooks, you may find a write protection switch instead.

Enable Developer Mode

Once you remove the write protection screw, now you can easily modify the Chromebook’s software. To do that, press the Escape+Refresh+Power button while your Chromebook is off. Once you do that, your Chromebook will boot up and show a message saying that your Chrome operating system is missing or damaged. After that, press Ctrl+D and press Enter to turn off the OS Verification and enable developer mode.

Once you enable the developer mode, your Chromebook will reset itself to the default settings. Sign in with your Google account and sync the important data.

Flash the New BIOS

Now, you can flash your new BIOS within ChromeOS. Open a terminal window by pressing on Ctrl+Alt+T. Type “shell” into the terminal and click on the Enter button. Once you do that, you gain access to a robust Linux shell environment.

Download and run the below-mentioned script to replace the BIOS of your Chromebook:

cd ~; curl -L -O; sudo bash

  • After that download, the script files and run it with root privileges.
  • Type 3 and press Enter and choose the “Custom coreboot Firmware” option.
  • Type Y to agree to flash your firmware and then type U for UEFI firmware installation.’
  • Now, you will get a backup copy of the original BIOS, make sure to save it somewhere safe for future use.
  • Once your backup process is complete, the script will download the Coreboot firmware replacement and flash it on your Chromebook.
  • Once it is done, turn off your Chromebook.

Create a Windows Installation Drive

Once you are done with the changes mentioned above, you can easily install Windows onto your Chromebook. But make sure you install the media first. To do so, download an ISO and burn it on a USB drive with the help of a tool called Rufus. Now, download the Windows from Microsoft by clicking on the “Download tool now” option. Directly, plug a USB drive into your PC and use this for the Windows installer.

Install Windows

Now comes the last step: Installation of Windows. Plugin the USB drive into your Chromebook and turn it ON. From the USB it will automatically boot and show you the Windows Installer. Go through the installation process normally and install Windows on your Chromebook.

JEANNE E. WINFIELD arrived on the cyber security scene in the early 2000s when virus and malware were still new and slowly evolving. Her longtime affair with writing with an interest in the cybersecurity industry, combined with her IT degree, has contributed to experience several aspects of security suite industry such as blogging at

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Best Autotune Plugins to Enhance Your Vocals

  Nowadays, the dream of almost everyone has come true with the help of autotune. If your voice is not good enough and it stops you from ach...