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How to Download Accurate Subtitles (Best Platforms)

Whether you are a good listener or not, sometimes subtitles are indeed required while watching movies as well as your most awaited TV series. On the official streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, it is super easy to enable the Subtitles for many contents. However, the struggle begins when you have offline media files on your computer, but you want to play them on along with the subtitles. They become too essential when a program is not translated into your tongue, and then you might want to download the subtitles for it in your own mother tongue.

For instance, if you are a native Spanish speaker, then it can be indeed hard for you to enjoy an English entertainment series or film if you are not fluent in understanding and speaking English. This article would surely help you to find the accurate subtitle for the TV show or movie you wish to watch. Here're the top 5 best places to download accurate subtitles in 2020.

BS Player

BS Player is like a heaven for the movies, and TV shows lovers who want to level up their understanding level. It is one of the best alternatives to search the most compatible subtitles for your media files. You might be addicted to watching TV series and movies using a third party site where it is pretty hard to get the suitable subtitles for the movies and other content. However, the BS player is extremely effortless to install and use. You could save the effort and time you spend while browsing for the desired subtitles.


An amazing place with an organized database that has over 5 million subtitles. The substiles are separated using various labels, topics, authors, etc. At the bottom of the website, you could easily switch to the language you want to download the subtitle.


It is an excellent site for you in case you are fascinated by extra “unusual” languages, which are tough to get from the other sources. Users could open subtitles by, category, language, or even by the labels like trending or Popular. You could use the search bar to find out the accurate subtitles for the film and TV series you are looking for.


If you’ve tried to watch or download movies online before, you’ve probably already heard of YIFY. This website is well-known for its amazing database that’s kept up-to-date at all times. What you might not know is that they also offer subtitles for their movies and TV shows.
On the primary web page, users will discover the latest movies, and if you scroll further downwards, you can see the subtitles categorized by categories and genres. The search dialogue box would allow you to access the subtitles directly by entering the name and label of the media files you are looking for.

DIVX Subtitles

It is another extensive collection of movies and TV series subtitles. It offers files in various languages, genres, categories, as well as based on the search queries. You could also upload your own subtitles on the site by registering on the site.

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Source :  Accurate Subtitles

Godzilla is Afraid of One Thing: Basketball

Godzilla is an indestructible monster, who is superhumanly strong and immortal. He also has a strange weakness "basketball." It is very similar to the fact that Superman is invincible but can be weakened using kryptonite. He is a Japanese kaiju monster known for having no weaknesses against any opponent. He has impenetrable skin and unlimited strength, along with regenerative and healing powers. These powers make him an immortal super-being who is immune to all kinds of attacks and offenses. 

But he has some weaknesses which were he became aware later when he met some alien beings who were able to manipulate his mind. On several occasions, he has been dominated in the fights due to his pity weaknesses. Do you know what his greatest weakness is? -Basketball! Yes, it is indeed true that basketball is one of the significant weaknesses. 

He has been defeated in the worst way using a basketball, as it is his weakness. A former skilled basketball player fought him evenly known as Charles Barkley. Godzilla faced him two times in his life, and in both meetings, he was badly dominated in the battle due to basketball. It wasn't actually a fight but more of a basketball match in which the player wins easily. When Charles Barkley challenged him to get in a basketball match, Godzilla agreed for a one-on-one match.

In Tokyo, Godzilla faced his first time during one of his riots, and then he accepted the challenge of basketball with the pro player. In that battle, the king of the monsters destroyed a massive skyscraper with his radioactive breath. Barkley grows up into the same size as Godzilla during the basketball match to make it a fair contest, but there is no understanding behind that because it is purely friction and an imaginary story.

The fight was too funny as Godzilla wears massive pink glasses during the challenge to look cool to face NBA star who had Nike Shoes. But at the starting of the match, Godzilla hits his tail into the basketball hard enough to send it far away from the NBA star. Barkley then gets angry and offensive with his massive size he pushes Godzilla through a skyscraper. Once Godzilla shoves into the building, Barkley quickly lifts basketball and then slam dunks it into the massive O of the TOKYO building logo in which Godzilla was slammed into.

When the contest finishes, the NBA star asks Godzilla, "have you ever thought of wearing shoes?" It is the final ending humorous tag line of the comic. After some time, they decide to have a rematch in the comic named Godzilla v. Barkley. This time they retry the one-on-one basketball match. This time, the king of the monsters comes out from the Pacific Ocean and enters into the coast of California. He then tears a cargo ship off Japan while moving towards the city. The next day, NBA star Charles Barkley also heads to the same place in order to prevent Godzilla from doing any damages to the city. Then he uses a magical silver dollar to grow up to the Godzilla size. This time, Charles is aware of the Godzilla weakness that he is a sucker for the basketball challenge. He takes the gigantic sized basketball and then throws it towards Godzilla to attract towards him, and then Charles takes him to an airbase where they had a rematch.

This time Godzilla dominates the NBA star pretty badly in the initial contest. However, the game changes when Charles gets serious. In the end, Charles successfully cools Godzilla down by becoming his friend, and he saves the world by leaving Godzilla far away from the settlements. 

James Boond  is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, John has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as .

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How Gohan's Super Saiyan 2 Transformation Changes in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Gohan and Android 16 were close to each other (as Goku and Krillin.) And the death of Android 16 makes him angry and transforms him into Super Saiyan 2. Here you will find the main changes in the transformation in the game.

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that in this game, there would be expansion as per the character named Gohan’s. At staring, many players could not understand the cause of this step taken by the creators. Initially, the cause of this character’s anger was the death of Android 16. In the updated version, it will be shown how deeply Gohan is affected by the death of Android 14. Here players will explore the whole change in character.
In the anime saga, this change in the character is completely based on the sentiments (as of Goku after the death of Krillin). These transformations are much more based request of Android 16 (on his death bed) to Gohan to become a Super Saiyan in the game.
(Note: Here are some Spoilers, so you have been warned)
On starting, Gohan required Memorite to help Android 16. This list of required Memorites is made by Bulma and her father. This mission started the bonding moment in the game. Here Android asked Gohan for the company in their venture of Woods. Here Gohan has to defeat Poacher bots to save the animals in the forest. In the fight against the Poachers, Android predicted that Gohan can be the main altering factor in the Games of Cell.
In both the anime saga and the game, it is highlighted that Android prefers life forms. In the game after the fighting against Poachers, Gohan asked about the factors in which they are the same. The time taken by this moment in the game is very less, but its impact on the game and the behavior of its characters cover far more distance. This moment shows that both of them are strong fighters with the same level of hatred towards it. Yet they are still fighting with the internal conflict about it. You can consider them as the faces of a coin but having the same point of view. In-game, Android 16 mentioned that his prime objective is to defeat Goku in combat and after that kill him, yet never do that because of that internal conflict regarding the combating.
As Android 16 wants to kill Goku, Gohan wants to do that with Cell. In the approximately same way how Gohan tried to stop fighting Cell even after defeating him in the combat. This duality is the key characteristic that made a difference between the anime and DBZ: Kakarot. The other change can be the thing that how Gohan shifted himself towards a Scholar from being a fighter. This incident happened after the combat with Cell, where he defeated Cell (As Ashoka after the Battle in Kalinga).
After the combat with Cell, Gohan stopped fighting, which becomes the reason for the creation of Cell Juniors. In this stage, there are characters who have much more expectation from Gohan.
The first one is Piccolo; he mentioned, “Gohan is not an as good fighter as he is.” At the same moment, he explained his assumption, “This could be the reason why his father is not protecting him against his enemy.”
And the second reason was the death of Android 16. When Android was about to kill the Cell by exploding himself, he apologized Gohan for involving him. This is the time where Android realized that only Gohan has the power to achieve greatness, not him nor the cells. Here he told Gohan, “Give yourself to anger, let it flow in your veins. Use it to save the things that you love most the Plants and Animals.”
After the explosion and rolling head of Android, the displayed message was very similar to anime Which is, “Fighting is not a crime as far as it is for the greater good.” Here he mentioned that he is trusting in Gohan to make the right choice.
After that, Cell crushed the head of Android 16. This made Gohan’s anger surges to the transformation of Super Saiyan 2.
Essentially, anime saga deals mostly with the details regarding the two characters’ storyline, DBZ: Kakarot takes a step forward and mentioning the reflection of Android 16 over Gohan, which makes the connection more stronger. These changes are minor in the games, but it affects the characters deeply. So players can’t just ignore this from all the context. This becomes more important because, after this incident, Gohan transformed himself in the Super Saiyan 2. The franchise and many fans of the game are waiting for this for a long time.
The only next thing fans are now waiting for the fight of Cell Vs. The Father-Son (Goku and Gohan) due.
James Boond  is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, John has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as .
Source : Dragon Ball Z

How to use Finishers in Apex Legends and Best Finishers

Apex Legends is a Battle Royal game. This game is created by the Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. From the very starting point of the game, it is a crazy hectic race to achieve the best possible Guns and some other weaponry. There are many tips and tricks which will help you to become a pro in the game.

The Finisher allows players to show off the most lukewarm execution and kill the already knocked down enemy with superb style. You can see your enemy knocked down as they will be crawling on the ground. This can be done only in the case if at least one teammate of that player(enemy) is alive. So you have to be careful while doing that because there is a chance that the teammate of the enemy can intervene in the execution. So if you want to use the Finisher, make sure that your teammate can cover you for that time being.
Some of the Legends have more finishers than others, but normally you can only unlock a maximum of two more other than the Crates. Every legend has it's own signature finisher. So watch them all and choose your favourite from them.
How to use Finisher in Apex Legends       
In the game, when you knock you, enemy, down, just reach up to them and hold the finisher button (in the PS4, X on Xbox one, E on the PC). This will initiate the Finisher's animation. You can still be attacked while performing the Finisher, so be careful with that.
On the one hand, it makes you vulnerable for a few seconds, but on the other hand, finishers in the Apex Legends is quite satisfying. A lone survivor dies automatically without any knocking down,  so at least on teammate of the enemy should be alive to pull this off. And you can't pull off Finisher if the opponent has the gold Knockdown shield (you have to kill this on the game without any finisher).
Every Finisher in Apex Legend
        First Finisher - Throws the knife on the head of the opponent.
        With Honor - He pays respects by placing the firearm across the chest and performs a quick and subtle salute.
        Clean Kill - The backstab, followed by crow landing on his opponent's corpse.
        First Finisher - She whacks the opponent by her taser before showing a sassy dance move.
        D.O.C.’s Shock - A lifeline’s medic robot act will be perfumed, then electrocute the foe to death. 
        Ajay’s Lullaby - Shushes the foe while placing a knife over the neck region. Creepy. 
        First Finisher- He hits himself and the opponent with his shovel.
        Gravity Force- Sits on the opponent's face, crushing and choking them to death. 
        War Cry - A critical blow on the head as Maori Haka with his shield.
        First Finisher - Do an arm wave then grappling the opponent’s face with the zipline.
        Iron Haymaker - An uppercut punch clean but deadly.
        Hi-5 - Pulls the enemy with the zipline and hi-five them as they fall.
        First Finisher - She teleports into the sucker punch on the opponent's face.
        Into the Light - She punches the opponent, 3 times before he chucks them.
        Existential Crisis - A number of flashy and hard punches while moving around her victim.
        First Finisher - He leaves his enemy with a flashing gift; The live grenade.
        Strike Three - Three brutal punches on the head.
        Last Breath - Death by Toxic gas burst from the point-blank range.
        First Finisher - He starts moonwalk, kicks opponents head, and gloats about it.
        Pound it, bro - He uses his bait to knock out the opponent.
        First Finisher - He fires a rocket from point black range straight to the victim's face. 
        Reversal of Fortune - Pushes the victim, fires one round, and simply walks away. 
        First Finisher - She electrocutes victim with electric fences. She reacts as she is shocked by the act.
        Electrical Contact - Throws enemy on the air. She watches her hands, then slams the victim’s nose.

        First Finisher - Simply knocks the victim, then punches them, and then takes the data chip.
        Drone Scan - He holds the enemy so drone can scan him, then knocks the enemy over the drone.

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How to Take Screenshot Without Print Screen on a Windows Computer

It might be possible that you do not have a ‘Print Screen’ key on the keyboard of yours. So you need to bring up any other way to capture the Windows screenshot. We can’t neglect the fact that the standard way of tapping on Print Screen, putting the picture in Paint, is a very slow process as compared to the rest of the ways. To know the best ways of taking a screenshot by not even pressing on Print Screen, read through the blog.

Using Snip as well as Sketch or Snipping Tool
You might be aware that each of the latest version of the Windows device comes up with an in-built screenshot feature known as the Snipping Tool. With the help of it, you shall be able to capture any image of the complete display, single Windows, and square areas.
  1. You only need to launch the Start menu.
  2. Then, find the snipping for beginning the use of that.
  3. For reaching out to it quickly, you do have the option of putting it to the Taskbar.
For the Windows 10 users:
Prefer using the Snip and Sketch utility. For launching it, you need to put the combination of Windows + Shift + S for launching the screenshot wherever you wish.
Installing a Third-Party Screenshot Application
You need to get a good Screenshot application as well as require changing its keyboard shortcut to that you wish to have. This gives you more management power.
Opening the on-screen keyboard
  1. Go to the on-screen keyboard by pressing ‘on-screen’ situated in the Start as well as opening the utility. Note that this shall launch a keyboard into a normal application window.
  2. Next, press the PrtScn button. It will be situated in the Right-hand part. Note that the device of yours shall behave similarly like you would have tapped on the Print Screen key on the keyboard of yours.
Remapping any other button to Print Screen
Note that there are particular tools that you can use for remapping keys in Windows. For instance, SharpKeys. For using it, the step that should be taken by you is changing the key of the keyboard of yours, which you don’t use. It can be Power or else Medial Play to a makeshift Print Screen button.
Do you prefer ‘Print Screen’ for capturing Screenshots on your device?
Going for any other alternate way is less time-consuming and simpler instead of pasting to the Paint. So try out one of the methods mentioned above and see the difference all by yours.
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How to Share Songs in macOS Catalina

Everyone finds media sharing beneficial on their home network, and the best part is that the Apple devices make this a bit easier. Whenever you send any song or any other item, you shall be able to reach out to its iOS devices. For knowing about in a bit depth, go through this blog carefully.

Turn on media sharing for songs as well as video
For doing it in Mac operating system or else the newer one
  1. Firstly, go to System Preferences.
  2. Then, press on the ‘sharing’ option.
  3. After that, turn on Home Sharing as well as authorize that by the Apple ID and password.
  4. Next, mention that you need remote plays for updating the play count or not as well as about pictures reaching out to Apple TVs on the given network.
  5. Then, press on ‘Options.’
  6. After that, give a password so that you can have your library safe from unwanted people.
If you don’t be able to turn on Media Sharing
  1. Firstly, launch the song as well as TV applications.
  2. Next, go towards the upper side of the display.
  3. Then, press on Account.
  4. After that, press on Authorization.
  5. Next, tap on Deauthorize this computer.
  6. Then, press on the Account option.
  7. After that, tap on Authorization.
  8. Next, tap on Authorize This Computer.
  9. Lastly, do a try to share the media library of yours one more time.
Still running Mac operating system Mojave or older
  1. Firstly, open iTunes.
  2. Then, give some time to it for loading it.
  3. Next, on the upper side of the display, you need to press on iTunes.
  4. After that, tap on Preferences.
  5. Then, go to under the Sharing option.
  6. Next, turn on ‘Share my library on my local network.’ Mention that you wish to share all of the things or selectively.
  7. Next, set-up the password needs as well as the remote play counts or not.
Accessing shared media by the network
For accessing media of yours from the Mac device having Mac operating system Catalina or else the newer
  1. Firstly, launch the Song or TV applications.
  2. Then, press on Library.
  3. Next, tap on the pull-down arrow after the ‘Library’ situated at the side.
  4. After that, select the library from which you want to do streaming.
  5. Next, give some time for TV or else Song for updating the present things.
  6. Lastly, return to the library of yours. It can be done by pressing the pull-down arrow as well as choosing ‘My Library.’
For accessing media by the iPhone or else iPad
  1. Firstly, go to the Song or TV applications on the iPhone or iPad.
  2. Then, go to the Library option.
  3. After that, press on the ‘Home Sharing.’
  4. Next, press the library of yours.
  5. Lastly, give some time for the application to get connected.
  6. Lastly, play the media of yours.
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Source :  Share Songs in macOS Catalina

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How to Fix Android File now Transferring to Macbook

If you have earlier installed Android File Transfer Application on your Macbook, then you may view a warning message on your Macbook screen that says your Android phone not connected to the device. There can be numerous reasons as to why this is happening, and we will try to figure them out. Here you can learn how to transfer an Android file into your Macbook. Here are some steps to help you to transfer your Android data into your Macbook device.

First Method: Enable USB Cable instead of USB Debugging
  1. Use different USB cable, when you are facing the same issue. 
  2. Now attach your Android mobile phone into Macbook through USB data cable.
  3. On your Android mobile screen, open Settings.
  4. Switch on your USB option and select MTP (Media device) option.
Second Method: Diagnose Macbook
  1. You have to assured to use Macbook OS X and Android version 3.0 
  2. Reboot your Macbook computer.
  3. Open the Android Data Transfer application on your Macbook.
Third Method: Update your Android Mobile Phone
  1. You have to upgrade your Android Mobile by completing the orderly Update.
  2. Reboot your Android mobile phone and check that it is approved by your Macbook.
Use Android Mobile Assistant
Here is another way to solve your issue using Macbook to fix the Android file transfer issue with Macbook.
There is an Android Assistance Software for Macbook to handle an Android mobile file on your computer. It is easy to transfer your file from Android phones to Macbook PC with the app. You can also backup your data like pictures, contact, message, music and, videos in some moments. You can follow the step to do.
First Method: Download Android Manager and install on Macbook
First, you must have to download the Android Manager into your Macbook and then you have to install it in your MacBook. This software only supported in the current version of the Macbook device for the best performance. If you have installed, then perform these steps.
  1. Install the software into your Macbook computer.
  2. Launched the Application
  3. Here you can see the Application on your Macbook application.
  4. Navigate your cursor to Transfer icon
  5. Tab the button.
Second Method: Link your Android Phone with Macbook
you can attach your Android mobile phone to your Macbook computer via USB cable. Computer software automatically attached to your phones and display program into your computer screen.
Third Method: Transfer your chosen Folders
Here you can transfer your data from Macbook to an Android mobile phone or vice versa. With using this Application, you can also transfer your picture, documents, contact, videos, music, etc. you can import your files from Macbook to your Android mobile phone or vice versa. Android Assistance helps you to transfer your data from your Macbook to your Android as well as you can restore your backup too. Follow the steps carefully to ensure you get optimum results.
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How To Edit Mac Hosts File On Mac (Mac OS X)

Mac has a small host file that can specify your essential documents to a given IP address. Nowadays, we all are using the internet where we use various of a public and private server to a visual IP address and block sites that are not relevant to us or unused IP addresses. You can not only block these sites but also harmful threats from entering your system via edited host files. Here is the step on how to editing the Mac host.

Edit Your Mac Hosts File With Text Edit
Here are two basic ways to editing the Mac Hosts in the Apple MacOS device. The first one is applied by TextEdit earlier. The Mac host file is in a simple form of the document. Yet you can’t open your file easily until the Protected place of the system. Here you need to copy the unsafe files area on the desktop
  1. Edit it.
  2. Copy the selected files.
  3. Copy back the files.
First, you have to find Mac hosts file, then follow the command by pressing Spacebar+finder, then do these listed steps.
  1. Choose the Go Menu.
  2. Click on GO TO Folder.
  3. Here input /private/etc/hosts.
  4. Tap on Return.
  5. Under windows will be open here and show Your selected Mac’s hosts file, Tap on finder window and scroll down to the desktop.
  6. Here double click to open your file which displayed on your desktop screen.
How to Block IP Addresses
In the default option, there is a number of relevant documents that contain numerous lines.
Here all the lines that indicate Hashtag commented and not consider by Mac hosts file as well as etc. file.  You can make some notes that can help you in the future when you need to open these files.
Here every line of the text has been ignored by your PC. This is an excellent method to describe your notes and making notes. It contains an IP address that values your broadcast host and localhost.
Always remember when you are using other hosting websites that are not relevant can test these websites by using a developed web browser. You can also block migrates websites and access to a specific site.
Here are some examples that can help you to exactly what you can do into your device that entirely works for you. Or you can clock some websites who disturb you at the time of working. For example, you want to block To
After that, whenever you try to input a valid IP address like into your Macbook, its web browser will be failed to open that page, now you can work with your computer without any disturbance.
How to Reroute Web Addresses
Another way, when you input the IP address of an official website instead of, it can direct you to Facebook without choosing any sites.
To investigating a website’s IP address, you wish to use dig command that comes to standard with MacOS. We also open these sites by running the command on URL, that can return to your IP address.
$ dig +short/
(Here you have informed about +shorts option)
$ sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
(Here you can enter required passwords)
$ sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder; say DNS cache has been flushed
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Source : Edit Mac Hosts File On Mac (Mac OSX)

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How to Set Password Expiration Date for Local Microsoft Account

We all have this habit of using a similar password for a long time, but it is unsafe, mostly when it is used in more than one place. It is probable that in security infringe; the password can be open for all. There are different ways to set the expiry date for passwords for local Microsoft accounts. If you are using the account of Microsoft in Windows 10, then it becomes more serious that you need to change it repeatedly. When you set the expiry date of the password, you can select from the Windows that offers for the local account or set via net command. Read the blog and follow the instructions to set the Password expiration date for the local and Microsoft accounts.

How to Set the Expiration Date for Microsoft Account
If you wish to set the expiration date for Microsoft account, then pursue the given instructions:
  1. Navigate to the Security menu of Microsoft Account.
  2. Tap on the Change my password link below the Password security option.
  3. Insert the previous password and then type the new one twice.
  4. Checkbox, which asks Make me change the password after every 72 days.
The demerit of this process is that you have to change the old password with the one you have not repeated for not more than 3 times in the past. You must know that it is dissimilar from the Windows Hello or the PIN that you use on the Windows 10 PC.
How to Set Expiry Date of Password for Local Account
As it is probable to make the account without the password in Windows 10, but it will surely not a great idea. If you are an admin user of the PC, ensure that every user modifies their passwords repeatedly. There are 2 different ways of it, and this will influence users to modify their new passwords. This is set as default for 42 days.
Via User Accounts Interface
If you want to User Accounts interface, then abide by the given steps:
  1. Insert the lusrmgr.msc in the Run box and then click the Enter.
  2. It will launch the Groups Editor and Local Users.
  3. Find the user for which you need to change password expiry below the Users folder.
  4. Tap twice to launch the user properties option.
  5. Untick the box that asks Password never expires.
  6. Tap on the OK option to finish the procedure.
There is the well known WMIC command, but it shows as it is not working on Windows 10 if the users use the command without the ‘where the name’ then it will set the expiry date of the password for every account with the system account.
Command-Line Option to Set the Expiry Date
When it is completed, then if you need to set the exact expiry date, you have to use the “Net accounts” command.
Launch the PowerShell with the Admin Privileges and perform net command accounts. If you need to set any specific expiry date, then you want to analyze numbers in days. If you have set the date on 30, then you have to modify the password every month. If you want to influence anyone to change your password quickly, then you can use the maxpwage:1.
Via Group Policy to Change the Expiry Dates of Password
If you want to change the expiry dates of password via Group Policy, then you can follow the provided steps:
  1. Launch the Group Policy Editor by inserting gpedit.msc in Run box and then click the Enter button.
  2. Go to the Computer Configuration option.
  3. Select the Windows Settings option.
  4. Tap on Security Settings.
  5. Choose the Security Settings option.
  6. Hit Account Policies.
  7. Tap on the Password Policy, and press the Maximum Password age option.
  8. Here you may change from 42 to any date you want. The limit is in between 1-999.
Ava Williams is a McAfee product expert and has been working in the technology industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Ava has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as
Source : Set Password Expiration Date

Best Autotune Plugins to Enhance Your Vocals

  Nowadays, the dream of almost everyone has come true with the help of autotune. If your voice is not good enough and it stops you from ach...